• Presley Wright

Tracy Arm, Alaska

Whales whales whales everywhere! Traveling through Frederick Sound, known for being one of the best places in the world to see humpbacks, proved to be true. But the most exciting adventure was our experience with a huge Killer Orca!! We were in the small dingy, going to check out icebergs, when we saw a black six foot fin coming up out of the water close by the boat! Slowly his enormous black body rose up and rolled gracefully in the water. We were shocked, scared and amazed at the same time!! We followed him closely taking pictures for a long time knowing this was a once in a lifetime experience!! We traveled up Tracey Arm about 22 miles to see the North and South Sawyer Glaciers. Icebergs were everywhere, smaller chucks as well as some the size of trucks and larger, were floating in the waters! The currents were strong, as well as the abundance of icebergs, making it extremely difficult to make it to the face of the glacier, but we did! We would hear rumbling that sounded like thunder and suddenly a wall of ice was crashing to the sea, sending waves that rocked our boat! It was dangerous and mesmerizing at the same time!!

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