• Presley Wright

Mazatlán, Mexico

We traveled through the night leaving from La Paz and arriving in Mazatlan on one engine. We anchored outside and had a friend Pancho, come out and help fix the engine. The next morning we got the engine running from fuel out of a 5-gallon bucket to make it into El Cid Marina. We spent many days relaxing poolside at the marina. We hired two local guides to take us diving, Gabby, and Paul. They took us to Isla Pajaros and Island Venado, “Bird & Goat Island” to dive. We got to see a bunch of jacks, stingrays, and starfish until the viability got too bad. The next day they took us out in their panga to go rooster fishing. We didn't land a rooster but caught a couple jacks and a pelican. That evening we explored the historic area, which was beautiful with cafe’s and restaurants lit with little street lights. Pancho caught an iguana for me to photograph in my homemade “studio.” It was sad to leave this fun little town but our next stop was my most memorable.

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