• Presley Wright

Glacier Bay, Alaska

Up close and personal with glaciers from our DINGY! Slowly and very carefully we worked our dingy through a whirlpool path of fast moving icebergs to reach the face of Margerie Glacier, a very active glacier!! As we looked up in awe of the wall of ice some 250 feet above us, we heard rumbling and the cracking of ice! A tall pointed peak of ice began to fall forward towards the sea and then the whole wall began to collapse. Af first we were frozen with excitement but then we realized the danger from the waves it would cause for our little dingy!! We took off as fast as we could through the building waves, back to safety!! We spent four indescribable days in Glacier Bay National Park, 4,000 square miles with at least 20 tremendous glaciers, and many many more! We saw everything from actively advancing glaciers to those that are nearly stagnant, receding and slowly dying. Some glaciers are over 2 miles wide, 250 feet high and 35 miles long!! We would have to write a book to describe each one we visited, but check out our pics to share our excitement!!

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