• Presley Wright

Mini Season Madness 2018

We awoke to a phone call at 4AM from a friend telling us people were getting on our honey hole and we needed to come quick. We jumped out of bed and got strait off of Catchin’ moments and right on to the Really Sweeet. It was dark and cool on our smooth ride out to “our honey hole.” Bill was there sitting on the spot ready to go with a regulator in his mouth waiting for the sun to pop above the horizon. Splash! Suns up, snares down. Once underwater it was a lobster paradise. I have never seen so many lobster in one place in my life. Every coral that had a nook or cranny was crammed full of lobsters. You would tickle one lobster out and another would come with. Our boat was free diving only, but everyone was able to get to them, due to the shallow depth of 6-12 feet. All three of our boats limited out, 90 lobsters in 90 minutes. We were back at the dock around 9AM and didn’t know what to do with the rest of our day…. Fishing it is!

Day 1

Day 2

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